Bedroom Goth I

by Nico Wussy

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released September 4, 2015

Words and music by Nico Wussy
Produced by Nico Wussy & Santiago De Simone
All instruments, beats and vocals recorded by Nico Wussy in his bedroom goth using a Macbook Pro and a Fender Jaguar, London, UK.
Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, additional Lead Guitar and Synths by Santiago De Simone.
Mixing and Mastering by Santiago De Simone in 7AM Mixing, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Album Art by Agus Wussy

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Cool Ghost Records 2015.



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Track Name: Black Sabbath
I wish there’s a turning back
but baby I understand
we still very young
but not that young enough
I still remember that day
were we didn’t care much about
you lighting up some grass
and driving as fast as the speed of light
and I still remember that day
your engine was waiting for me
you was waiting for me
black sabbath was waiting for us
and of course the world was waiting for us
I still remember that day.

I still believe in us.
Track Name: Drifting Skull
Dont lie to me
you don’t know nothing neither do I
we know everything we need to know.

We seek nothing
believe me there’s no need to be in the search of
we are okey knowing nothing.

Coz from the nothing we come
and to the nothing we go
and, believe me
the best place to be is nowhere
thinking about nothing
doing nothing.
Track Name: A Thousand Of Them
Behind my bed
and inside my closet
and at night in the bath
and at night everywhere.

She said be aware
they are everywhere
there is thousands of them
and you are just one
but i never believed her
i’m definitely not just one.
Track Name: Kaya Scodelario
She thinks that I am a kool kid
I feel ungrateful
I'm just bored.

I keep me asking whats the solution
I feel nostalgic
I'm just bored.

I'm gonna find you walking thru London
I'm leaving hometown
here im bored.

I can’t stop watching the tv
Effy is so beautiful
I'm just bored.
Track Name: Baffled Tween
You can grab
another piece of my cake
coz' everyone
has failed to attempt my birthday
and I still here
waiting for my friends to come.

And I think that the saddest thing
is that all my friends will miss my ninja turtle custome.
Track Name: I Wanna Meet Nathan Williams
I was wasting all my time as usual
pretending I was getting somewhere better than my mind
chasing to meet someone who has been dead long ago.

I did wrong, looking for someone outmoded
and I do wrong, chasing something outmoded
chasing to meet someone who has been dead long ago.

But this time I really don’t care
I wish that this would care a lot
I can’t remember the last thing that I cared about
I wish that this would care a lot
but no
I wish
but no
outmoded or not
I wanna meet Nathan Williams.
Track Name: Battle Of Tettenhall
Winding through the british grass
hiding from the edge of danish swords
he is not afraid of death
he is not afraid of loosing the flag
he made the promise to him son
he ordered him not be sad
his spirit will prevail
and so the kingdom
united till the end of time .